Support to people affected by war, armed conflict and violence

The foundation works to protect the lives, security, dignity and physical and mental well being of people adversely affected by war, armed conflict and other situations of violence. This protection approach focuses on the causes or circumstances and the consequences of the violence.

The Foundation focuses on

  • Protection of civilians, in particular displaced persons and refugees
  • Psychosocial services and rehabilitation of victims of war and conflicts
  • Conflict prevention and resolution projects


  • People from countries where the foundation is active (The country list is currently Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Angola, Central African Republic, Chad, Myanmar, Yemen, Syria)
  • Individuals residing in the UK and Switzerland, who are affected by war and conflict in their home country

Recipient organisations

  • Recognised intermediary non profit organisations of civil society, including grass-roots organisations, with their head quarters in the UK or Switzerland
  • Organisations with proven, qualified personnel in key positions
  • Organisations able to evaluate projects to a scientific standard and have established reporting mechanisms

Further selection criteria

  • Organisations with quality certification or awards of recognition
  • Organisations who work in partnership in the destination countries
  • Projects with a multipliable, systems building approach
  • Projects with an innovative or niche character
  • Projects incorporating social, economic and ecological sustainability criteria
  • Projects including cultural integration
  • Projects that are coherent with existing nationally supported plans

Funds are not available for projects which

  • Do not directly address the aims of the foundation
  • Do not fulfil the selection criteria
  • Are very small or single one-off events
  • Have prestige character
  • Are implemented by government institutions, purely commercial or privately owned institutions
  • Are implemented by groups or organisations not registered with the national or regional regulator (e.g. are not registered charities)