The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation awards grants for Fine Arts in the

  • Performing Arts
    such as contemporary theatre, artistic dance (contemporary, modern or classical technique), classical music and Jazz, also in combination with other forms of music
  • Visual Arts
    in all media such as painting, drawing, installation, sculpture, printmaking, photography, video, performance

In particular we support:

  • projects that identify with innovative, extraordinary and experimental movements
  • start-up projects
  • longer-term project partnerships (3-5 years) with organisations, possibly involving mentoring and artistic exchange
  • bridge projects: art productions with an explicit link to the other activities of the Johnson Foundation
  • projects that include educational activities 
  • projects that integrate people with special needs and improve their access to the arts
Non-profit organisations working with professional artists to the highest standards of artistic quality

Regional focus 
Please refer to the individual support areas

We do not award grants to

  • exclusively commercial projects
  • individual artists
  • very small projects, single events or individual project phases
  • organisations promoting the views of a particular political party or religious group
  • on-going projects or add-on projects with financial deficits
  • projects pertaining to an activity that falls within the responsibilities of government bodies
  • requests for funding the infrastructure or the running costs of projects
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