General Grant Provisions 

The following terms apply to all projects, institutions and individuals funded by the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation. 

1. Purpose-bound use of grants

Funds are granted for a particular purpose. The recipient commits to use the money or other financial contributions only for the purpose of the approved project or part-project in accordance with the grant agreement. Alterations of content, dates, participants etc. must be discussed with the Foundation. Please inform the Foundation promptly about any planned changes, since every change may lead to forfeiture of the right to the funds. The grant for the altered project only remains valid following renewed written approval by the Foundation. In cases of unapproved alterations to the project the Foundation reserves the right to non-payment or may demand the return of paid funds.

2. Repayment of funds in cases of cancellation

In the case of projects that are never realized, the Foundation reserves the right to demand the return of funds already paid to the grant recipient. If a project is cancelled or remains unrealized, the recipient commits to repaying any funds already received to the Foundation unrequested. The recipient informs the Foundation of the reasons for the cancellation in writing and without delay.

3. Grant agreement

For funding above 10'000 CHF a grant agreement is concluded between the recipient and the Foundation. By legally binding signature of the grant agreement the recipient declares his acceptance of the grant provisions of the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation. The original, signed grant agreement must be returned to the Foundation within 10 days of receiving it.

4. Confirmation of payment

The grant recipient or a payee nominated by the grant recipient confirms receipt of a payment within 10 days.

5. Payment in instalments

The grant recipient accepts that funding is paid in instalments. The deadlines for payment of the instalments are set out in the grant agreement. Payment of the instalments is conditional on the recipients fulfilling their agreed obligations to the Foundation, such as submission of progress reports or diplomas.

6.  Communication

The grant recipient commits to indicating the support of the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation in all press material related to the project (print and electronic media etc.). They are expected to use the Foundation’s logo or letterhead with the following statement: “With the kind support of the [logo]”. The logo is available for download on the Foundation website. The mention of the Foundation and the placement of the logo should make it clear which project or part-project is supported by the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation.

7. Reports  

The grant recipient regularly informs the Foundation about the progress of the project. In the case of a one-off grant a final report must be submitted unrequested three months after the conclusion of the project at the latest. Recipients are advised to refer to the checklist for final reports on the Foundation website. For projects of several years duration recipients submit written interim reports according to the grant agreement as well as a final report to the Foundation.

8. Final accounts

A final financial account should be attached to the final report. It should be oriented on the budget included in the application and enable a comparison of the proposed budget and the actual figures.


9. Publications of the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation

The grant recipients agree that the Foundation publicly reports on the funded projects or institutions on its media platforms (publications, internet). In the support sector “individual education grants” this will be discussed beforehand with the supported individual and treated anonymously at their request.

10. Disclaimer

The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation accepts no liability for the content and execution of the funded projects and events. The liability lies solely with the grant recipients.

11. Data protection

The protection of personal data is important to us. Our activities are therefore carried out in accordance with applicable legal provisions for the protection of personal data and data security. The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation will collect, process or use the personal data you provide online only for the purposes stated in the context of these data protection guidelines or otherwise explicitly communicated to you, as well as in cases where their collection, processing and use is

  • directly linked to the original purpose for which the data was collected,
  • required for the preparation, negotiation and implementation of a contract with you
  • required due to legal obligations or an official or court order,
  • required for the justification or protection of legal claims or to defend a legal charge.  


12. Obligation to notify alterations in the conditions of contract 

All alterations to the originally agreed grant conditions to be fulfilled by the grant recipients must be immediately communicated to the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation. This includes

  • Changes of address
  • Significant changes concerning the budget and/or funding oft he project (e.g. third-party contributions, scholarships granted by the state or other foundations in the case of individual education grants).)
  • Changes in personal income or assets in the case of recipients of individual educational grants.


Version: September 2015