If the application fulfils the criteria and current focus of the Foundation, the application will be presented to the Trustees.

Applicants will then be requested to submit the application form and some accompanying documents in English for the Trustees' meeting.

The Foundation may also wish to meet your organisation, discuss certain aspects of the project or make an on-site visit, ask additional questions or request supplementary information. The applicant then has approximately four weeks to deliver the information required.

If you send your application by e-mail to grants(at)johnsonstiftung.ch please try to keep single files smaller than 1 MB.

The decision on the application is usually taken at the next meeting of the Trustees. The Trustees generally meet three times a year. Meeting dates are given on the page showing (application schedules).

No reasons are given for the Trustees' decisions, and there is no right of appeal. Very often, applications are in competition with one another. The Trustees can reduce the contribution requested. The amount granted by the Trustees cannot afterwards be the subject of discussion, for example in the case of budget over-spending, inflation, etc.

The decisions taken by the Trustees are communicated as soon as possible in writing. In this confirmation conditions are laid down such as (see instructions for implementation):

Contract (if necessary)
Special conditions in connection with the grant
Mention of the grant in publications
Conditions of payment
Reports to be submitted (progress reports, final reports, evaluations)