The Will of the Foundation's founder was to "alleviate the conditions of peoples in times of war and of refugees" and "promote the fine arts" as well as "scientific research, particularly in the field of medical sciences".

Nearly fifty years after these words were written, the need to provide support in these areas is as relevant as ever and the Johnson Foundation continues to work in pursuit of the founder's aims. A more recent donation has enabled us to expand our activities to local support of vocational training and education.

Thus we support projects related to

  • the performing and visual arts
  • assisting individuals affected by conflict and violence
  • scientific research, particularly in the areas of health and well-being
  • providing access to vocational training and education in Canton Bern

We believe that these areas can be linked and that our expertise and experience in the different areas of activity is one of our foundation's strengths. We particularly favour "bridge projects" that combine different support areas in a purposeful way.

Our namesake, Stanley Johnson, was a visionary and innovative entrepreneur. In this tradition we search for the highest quality and work to optimise our impact by encouraging innovative and experimental approaches in neglected areas. As an independent foundation we can take a long-term perspective and support neglected and under-resourced areas that are sometimes overlooked by the public sectors, commercial sponsorship or fund-raising charitable organisations.

In this process we intend to develop expertise in pilot or "start up" projects and disseminate ideas through replication. To achieve these aims we are open to engage in effective partnerships.